Residue links

Hi there

I am trying to use chembuild to construct a peptide model containing non-standard residues that I can import into CCPN. However I am having trouble creating links between residues. I`ve read the chembuild documentation and can add previous and next residue links by replacing OH or H groups but what is the next step after this? Are the link arrows supposed to connect to a previous/next residue? And if so, how do I do this?

I understand this is probably a pretty elementary question but I can`t seem to find any other info on how to use chembuild apart from the documentation and the JISC email list. If anyone knows of any other sources of info I`d greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks

Hi Thomas,

sorry to have been slow to get back to you.

I think probably you are best off simply creating normal bonds between your residues using the AutoBond feature (select the two atoms to connect and click on AutoBond in the top toolbar) rather than the `Linking`.


Yes, Vicky is right. You can also drag over the atom to the next free valence symbol and will connect. You don`t need to add the ` next-previous arrow`.
We just pushed an update to fix a bug which made the right sidebar panel unresponsive (Atom properties), incase you needed to add extra valences or charges.