Running macros on Windows - could we put path to macro in double quotes?

I am using the Windows version of assign. When I try to run macros by selecting from a menu I get an error in the console because of path error. This is simply because there is a space in the path (I have ccpnmr installed under “Program files”). Obviously, it is an easy fix from the console because I can just put the path to the macro in double quotes. Could the paths to macros be by default enclosed in double quotes to avoid need for such workarounds? As far as I understand this would not cause problems on any system (e.g. works the same under Linux).

To be explicit when I want to run from the menu this is what would be invoked in the console:
%run -i C:\Program Files\ccpnmr3.1.1\src\python\ccpn\macros\
to make it work I have to put this in the console:
%run -i “C:\Program Files\ccpnmr3.1.1\src\python\ccpn\macros\”


P.S. There seems to be a very minor bug (feature?) that when I use the above macro to extract a 1D slice it extracts the slice twice. I will have a look if I can trace why this is but it might be obvious for you.

Thanks. Yes will add the quotes.

The macro will extract one slide for each dimension.

Thanks, Luca.
But of course it extracts slices for each dimension…

Hi, I have added the quotes which should be there on your next update.

Great. Thank you.