RuntimeError: wrapped c/c++ object of type vcontainer has been deleted

During my assignment when I tried to close the Assignment Inspector, I got this error and till then I cannot use ccpn for this project.
Any suggestions?
Thank you


we’re sometimes seeing this kind of error when when SpectrumDisplays have been changed (e.g. spectra deleted from them) or closed which affect things in other modules. I know @ejb has been working on this, so do make sure you have all the latest updates installed. But it could be that we have missed something, so we’ll have a check.

Typically in this sort of situation trying the following usually sorts things out:

  • closing all the module windows and then reopening the ones you need again freshly
  • closing and reopening the project
  • closing and restarting the program


I have pushed another update, hopefully this will solve the issue.
If it is still happening can you post the error-trace, it will help me trace the problem.


It works now! thank you

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