Setting Up External Programs Paths on Windows


I`ve been trying (and failing) to set up paths to external programs (Xplor NIH and Pymol so far) but I haven`t managed either. I`ve been trying to follow the `CCPN_V3_StructureAlphaTutorial.pdf` but I think this was written with a Mac OS in mind. 

I`d be extremely grateful if someone could talk me through this on a Windows system or direct me to somewhere that does.

Thank you!

Hi Anna,

you`ll need to set the path to wherever you have the programs installed on your computer (not sure if it is possible to install XPLOR-NIH on Windows?? Think you would have to use some sort of Linux Virtual Environment?). A Windows path would look something like C:\Programme Files \PyMol etc. If you click on the little file icon, then you should be able to navigate to where you have installed PyMol (or Xplor) with a file browser. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,