Spectra & data lost

Last week I have been working on an assignment on a project full of spectra and data, and I have saved it multiple times. Yesterday unfortunately the PC crashed with the project still open and I needed to reboot it. When I try to re-load the project, a lot of the data are missing. There are no spectra at all on the sidebar, and also some NC are missing. I tried to use the backups following the tutorial, but the problem is not solved. I am working on Analysis 3.1.1 on Linux.

I have also tried to open the project on Windows on version 3.2 but the result is the same.

Can I ask you to please help me understanding how could I try to restore the project?

Thank you!

Best wishes,


Hi Francesca,

the best thing is if you can send us a copy of the project (without spectra) to support@ccpn.ac.uk and we can take a look.


Hi Vicky,
thank you very much.
I just sent the zipped project.

Best wishes,