Synchronised browsing between two views


Is there an easy way to temporarily synchronise axes in two different modules, e.g. if I move to position X on axis 1 in module 1 then the view in module 2 will also move to position X? Sometimes it would be nice to have the same ranges on both axis and sometimes just one axis.
I can copy axes ranges by right clicking and selecting which view to copy from. If there is no quicker way to accomplish this (which I have simply not located in the manual), what would be the python code to copy the axes ranges so I can make it into a macro and assign keyboard shortcut to it? The corresponding commands don’t seem to show up in the console as they do for many other actions.


Hi Jozef,

Do you need to sync the same kind of spectrumDisplays, e.g.: 2 hsqcs with the same axis and orientation ?
In that case I can write a macro for you fairly quickly.
If is any combination of 1D/Nds and/or axis codes etc, then it is much more involving …

Hi Luca

In the first instance it is indeed the same kind of spectrumDisplays. In many cases the overlay on the same spectrumDisplay is OK but sometimes when things get complicated it is a bit easier to have two synchronised displays. Another case is when, e.g. I have a HC spectrum with HH mixing and I want to cross check with a HN spectrum the assignment and peak alignment. Currently, all the cases I would find a use for such a macro are 2Ds.
If you can help me with getting a basic version of this, I can see if I can expand it if the need arises.


Hi. I have a macro I can share.
I will post soon and you can make/suggest any changes you might need.
Otherwise, we can have a chat on Zoom and I can show how it works…

Great. Thanks. Looking forward.