Analysis is indispensable for my structural biology research. The software is intuitive, versatile and expertly maintained.
Logan Donaldson, PI, York University

The support, considering that it’s free software, is outstanding. I have never had an issue that took longer than one day to fix.
Steffen Graether, PI, University of Guelph

For many of my students and postdocs this is the preferred tool.
Ann McDermott, PI academic, Columbia University

An awesome suite for NMR that contains everything a spectroscopist needs to achieve their goal in structural biology. Really simplifies the work with NMR data, analysis and structure calculation. Thank you very much for your great work.
Danny Létourneau, Research Associate, Université de Sherbrooke

Ben Davis, Industrial user, Vernalis Research

Essential to our research, a great piece of software, well supported by the developers and with a vibrant community using it.
Ben Goult, PI, University of Kent

CcpNmr Analysis has been an essential software for visualization and analysis of multi-dimensional NMR data at our academic structural biology platform. All users (students, postdocs, PIs and research associates) take full advantage of the different modules offered by the software, which fast-tracks bio-molecular dynamics studies and structure elucidation in many projects. Every time a new NMR user initiates a project with us, I encourage them to use CcpNmr Analysis for their data visualization and analysis, and make sure to orient them towards the tutorials available on the CCPN website. The support is phenomenal and CCPN staff has always been fast in helping us overcome hurdles and listening to our improvement suggestions.
Normand Cyr, Structural biology platform manager, Université de Montréal

I am writing you to express my utter joy about the emergence of the first convenient NMR software. The 3rd version of Analysis is so far the only program for NMR data analysis which meets the quality-of-life standards of the year 2019.
PhD student, Germany

CCPN provides and supports some crucial pieces of software and its function as a focal point for the NMR SB community is extremely important.
Industrial user, The Netherlands

Absolutely critical to the continuing success and impact of NMR in the UK and globally to have software that is actively developed and supported in a community-driven process.
Chris Waudby, PostDoc, UCL

It’s the best software available for protein NMR data analysis.
PostDoc, US

CCPN`s Analysis 2.4.2 and 3.0 are the best software for protein assignment etc.
PhD student, Finland

Excellent software which has made our NMR analysis.
Dr. Ravi Pratap Barnwal, PI, Panjab University Chandigarh India

Loved using CCPN as a graduate student!
PostDoc, US

Vipin Agarwal, PI, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

CCPN allows me to handle and analyze all kinds of NMR datasets. Other software I used previously fell short at some point. Continued support is essential in this evolving field, and I can tell from my own experience and from the mailing list that the development team systematically gives quick feedback.
PI, Argentina

Easy to use and the support is great.
PI, Thailand

CCPNmr Analysis is a great piece of software, but the community is even better. Whenever there is a question posted to the mailing list, there are helpful answers - both from the CCPN team and other users - to help solve the problem.
Tharin Blumenschein, PI, University of East Anglia

Been using CCPN since 2012 and it is a very useful and versatile tool. I have used it for many different projects, including different molecular types such as small molecules, proteins and polysaccharides.
Civil Service user, UK

CCPN is straightforward software, which a novice like myself can easily use. I also find the CCPN wiki and people in the forum very helpful whenever I run into a problem.
Soohyun Kwon, PostDoc, Monash University

This is useful and essential software.
Johanna Becker-Baldus, NMR Facility Staff, Goethe University Frankfurt

I have been using CcpNmr Analysis for more then 10 years now and and I see no reason to change that. Whenever problems occurred that could not be solved by reading manuals and mailing list, support by the CCPN team was very fast and efficient.
Jana Sticht, PostDoc, Freie Universität Berlin

I am an user of ccpnmr versions 2 and 3. The newest version is awesome for backbone assignment. So far, ccpnmr is the best and updated software to use with biomolecular NMR data.
Micael Silva, PhD student, UCIBIO - FCT NOVA Portugal

Valuable program. The thorough documentation and guides to use the program along with the simplified GUI makes it easy for anyone to learn how to use it. Additionally, the support online has been helpful to fix little problems or learn additional analysis tasks.
Domarin Khago, PostDoc, NIH