Transferring peaks from HSQC to HH experiments


I am attempting to assign a 40 aa peptide in which I`ve collected 15N and 13C HSQCs along with H-H1 TOCSY and NOESY experiments. I`ve been struggling to transfer my peaks from the HSQC to the homonuclear experiment. Starting with my 15N HSQC and my H-H1 TOCSY I tried to use Pick and Assign to pick peaks in my TOCSY from the HSQC. (see image)

In the video tutorial on youtube for Pick and Assign at around 2:36 the Restricted pick selects all the peaks going along the carbon dimension whereas mine will only select the peak along the diagonal in my TOCSY. I`d like it to select all the peaks going along the H1 dimension from each peak in my HSQC. 

Any help would be appreciated!


looks like this is a bug affecting the picking in any spectrum where there is a HH plane - sorry.
Will let you know once we have a fix.

Best wishes,