Trouble with large y-axis for step 4 of chemical shift perturbation tutorial

I am currently working my way through the chemical shift perturbation tutorial using my own HSQC data, but I’m having trouble with step 4. I was able to successfully generate the bar graph, but my values of change are upwards of ~300 ppm, even though the majority of my peaks were only dragged ~0.1 ppm or so in the H-dimension. I’m not sure what’s causing the Ddelta values to be so large, and all of my settings match that of the tutorial.

Hi, can you check if your spectra have all the same order of axisCodes per dimension ? Like dim1 = H; dim2 = N for all spectra . Likewise your peaks are assigned consistently per dimension accross your spectra.
You can see this from the spectrum properties popup. Peaks on peakList tables.
if you have many spectra, open the python console (space-space shortcut), and run:

for spectrum in project.spectra:
  print(, spectrum.axisCodes)

Thank you, that was the problem! One of my spectra was dim1=H; dim2=N and the other was the opposite. Making it the same for both fixed the problem. Thanks again!