Ubuntu 18.04 on W10 - AnalysisV3

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on Windows 10 and as I use crystallography programs (only available on linux), I am used to the integrated Ubuntu 18.04, available on WStore. As a NMR beginner, I tried Sparky and I want to try CcpNMR as well, so I downloaded the beta 5 build.

The problem is, I`m trying to launch ./assign, and I get this error : ./assign: line 10:  3793 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) `${ANACONDA3}`/bin/python -W ignore:`BigeprecationWarning `${ANALYSIS}` $*

I allready updated to program twice using ./update in /bin/, and I also installed Anaconda3 on Ubuntu (because it was mentioned in the error). I got another error but still, the program is not working.

I do have a graphical interface using Xming, and no other program gave me an error due to this but it could be related as this version of Ubuntu is integrated into Windows (it shouldn`t be a problem, but you never now with windows).

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Dear jcappele,
We are currently working on a W10 release. Meanwhile have you tried downloading the virtualmachine for windows? https://www.ccpn.ac.uk/v3-software/downl...neDownload


Thanks Luca for your answer,

Though, I`d like to find a way to make it work on Ubuntu 18.04. I find virtualmachines ressource-heavy, but I will definitly give it a try for now.

Do you know what this error is about? Is there any package I could install on Ubuntu to make it work? In theory, it is a linux, even if it works on W10, that`s why I`d like to make it work.

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Hi, I believe is a GL issue. Do you have the full error message? Thanks

Hi, the full error message is in the first message.
Here it is :

./assign: line 10:  3793 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) `${ANACONDA3}`/bin/python -W ignore:`BigeprecationWarning `${ANALYSIS}` $*

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I don`t want to make a new thread for this. You are probably very busy, but could we get quick update on that when Windows 10 version of the Analysis V3 is ready?

I probably would not use it, but for example in teaching Windows 10 version would be handy, because students might not have Linux or they haven`t used Virtual Box before.


it is hard to put a date on this, but hopefully this is now only a matter of a few weeks away - it looks like we only have one more major hurdle to pass before we`ll have a fully functional Windows version available for download.



As MikaelK i don`t want to make a new thread, and i know bumping an old one is just as bad, and you are probably still very busy, but do you have any updates on when a Windows 10 version of Analysis 3 is ready?

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Hi Christian,

I had hoped we would have done this by now - but our list of things to do and priorities keep changing (everyone`s issue is, of course, the most important one and everything takes longer than you think!). But it is now pretty high on the list. With holidays coming up etc. it will certainly be a few more weeks, but I would hope not much longer than that.

In the mean time you can use V3 via NMRBox (https://nmrbox.org/) on Windows. This is a US led programme run by Jeffrey Hoch at UConn whereby you can run a huge variety of NMR software via a virtual machine and VPN. Anyone (at an academic institution) can get an account and then you essentially run the programmes remotely on their servers. I think from the user side it involves minimal installation of stuff.

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