Unable to load Bruker 3D data


I have just recently installed AnalysisAssign3.1.1 onto my Mac (Catalina OS) and am trying to start a backbone assignment project. I am able to load my 2D HSQC but cannot load the 3D data files. When I try (using L,D) I get the following error:

WARNING: No valid loader: Invalid path “/Users/mecook/nmr/Projects/PET28/mec_PET28_120822/10/ft2/hnco187.DAT”; directory required (Gui._getDataLoader:342)
WARNING: Unable to load “/Users/mecook/nmr/Projects/PET28/mec_PET28_120822/10/ft2/hnco187.DAT” (Gui.loadData:736)

Loading the HSQC gives the following:

INFO : application.loadData(’/Users/mecook/nmr/Projects/PET28/mec_PET28b-013023/1/thc.ft’)

These are all Bruker data files, processed with NMRPipe. This particular dataset loaded fine on the previous version of CcpNMR (v. 3.0.4). Any help would be appreciated.



We’ve changed the data loaders since version 3.0.4 and I suspect in order for the program to recognise the spectra correctly the file extension has to be .dat rather than .DAT . If you read our information on LoadingSpectra, then that will list all the recognised file extensions. I suspect if you change your file extensions to be lower case then you should be okay.
But I will also make sure that we add a fix which will accept uppercase versions in future.


That fixed the issue, thank you so much!


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