Unable to open NEF file exported from V3.2.1 in V2.5.2

Hi, I did a backbone and side chain assignment of a protein-protein complex using V3.2.1 and need to do the NOESY assignment using V2.5.2. I saved the project and exported the project in NEF format from V3.2.1 using ccpn tags and informations of orphan peaks. But when I am going to load the NEF file in V2.5.2 then I am getting the following error.

ERROR in ccp.nmr.Nmr.Shift.init
memops.Implementation.Float input is not of a valid type: None

I opened the same NEF file in V3.2.1 and it is completely fine. I really need some help in solving this issue. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


This might be because you have more ‘ccpn’ specific information (tags) in v3.2.1 NEF file then version 2.5.2 is able to recognise. It could also be because some chemical shifts have no error.

It would be the easiest if you could send us your NEF file if possible (support@ccpn.ac.uk) and I can have a look.

Kind regards,