Welcome Back

Welcome to the new CCPN Forum platform

This forum is built using Discourse (an excellent forum platform we can self-host for free!) and includes many nice modern features, in particular:


Simple layout for conversations

We replaced the classic boxed layout with seamless scrolling.



Dynamic notifications

We now have @name for notifying people directly. Notifications can be seen on the avatar if logged in or you will receive an email if not around.



Reply by email

When somebody posts a new topic or post, and you are notified by email, you can participate directly, simply by replying to the email. The post will appear online straight away in the right place.




A simplified text editor with a live preview of links, images, code, and more…

Use html or markdown to create your formatting automatically or drag & drop images.



Add a tag or create a new one for easy finding in future searches.


Add and copy code with ease

Write your macro wrapped around triple quotes to format it automatically.

Copy the whole code-block to the clipboard by clicking the button



Earn badges as you interact with the forum… a bit of fun for those who enjoy this kind of thing.


Profile customisation and preferences

Customise your profile and add something about yourself or set the level of notifications you would like to receive.